Having all your paperwork in order before traveling is an important component of stress-free travel. Take the time to ensure you have some pages free in your passport book, and review the expiration date. Be sure you check with your country of citizenship to see if you have any visa requirements. A little extra time reviewing the following material in advance can make a trip through immigration stress-free.


You will need to make three photocopies of your passport. Please give one copy to your Group Leader four months before your trip so it can be forwarded to us at American Expeditions, leave the second at home with a friend or family member who will be reachable while you’re abroad, and keep the third with you while you are traveling.

Passport copies are collected to ensure that the ticketing information provided to airlines accurately matches your passport information. If there are any discrepancies between the information on your boarding pass and information on your passport, you may be liable for additional fees at check-in or you may be refused entry through security and onto your flight.

Having passport copies in-house also allows us to assist you if your passport gets lost or damaged while on tour. With your passport copy, we can support you in the event that you need to obtain a new passport while abroad.

Passport copies are due four months prior to your departure date, so please take care of this important step at your earliest convenience.

Check your expiration date! Your passport must be valid for six months after your planned return date. This requirement has become quite stringently enforced in recent years. It is of utmost importance that you examine your passport and check its expiration date well in advance of your departure.

Applying for and obtaining a new passport without paying additional expediting fees requires ample lead time. Please be sure to check your passport at your earliest convenience.


For individuals holding an American passport, no visa is required. It is important that, if you have a passport from a different country, you verify whether or not a visa will be required for entry into Ireland.

Should you require a visa to visit your destination, please be sure to take care of this well in advance of your departure; these proceedings can often take long periods of time to process and sometimes have fees associated with attaining the visa. Making sure you have met all these requirements will ensure that you don’t run the risk of hindering your travel plans.