Thankfully, the world is still filled with diverse and unique customs that are reflective of a country’s history, religion and social structures. Experiencing those customs is one of the things that makes travel so interesting. Local customs can affect anything such as the type of water served in restaurants, store hours, free refills for beverages, and acceptable church attire. Learn a bit about local customs in this section. Enhance your time abroad by understanding the cultural differences of your destination, and appreciating new ways to experience life.



Typically, public restrooms including those in restaurants or cafes require a coin to open the door. Alternatively, you may be requested to leave a tip for the person who maintains the bathrooms. For this reason, it is advisable to always have coins handy. The good news is that public restrooms tend to be very tidy as they are cleaned quite often.


Many stores are closed on Sundays and holidays. Please note that some religious holidays have an extra day (i.e. Easter Monday and Pentecost Monday). If you need to buy something on a holiday or a Sunday, you will find shops open in train stations or around tourist attractions.