Interestingly, not all countries are powered the same as we are in North America. Most countries don’t even have the same shaped outlets as we do! Foreign outlets have a different voltage, and our North American electrical plugs won’t fit in other outlets. Read this section to learn more about this, and be sure to check your electronics before you depart.



Together with your handbooks and airline tickets, you have received an adapter plug from Music Contact International. This adapter will allow you to use a European electrical outlet with your U.S. equipment; the round contacts will fit in a European outlet and the spade contacts of a US style appliance will fit into the other end.

Almost all European countries use 220 volt outlets, while in the Americas 110 volt is standard. Almost all battery chargers for video cameras, iPods, digital cameras, laptop computers and other personal electronic devices can take a range of voltage from 100V – 240V and will automatically reduce the output voltage to the level required for the device. Please check the label on your charger to verify this information.

Please note: if your electric appliance (e.g. a hair dryer, curling iron, hair straightener etc.) is not designed to accept multiple voltages, you will need a voltage converter. Voltage converters are available in specialty electronics stores. You should never plug a 110V-only appliance into a 220V outlet. It will destroy your appliance and could cause a fire.