Your flight is part of your travel adventure! More often than not things run smoothly, on time and without a hitch. In the case where anything is delayed or cancelled our office will be there to help. Please review your airline’s policies in this section. You will find information concerning luggage, seat reservation limitations and extra fees for onboard food and services before you travel so you can avoid surprises at the airport.


Group flight reservations do not accommodate specific seat assignment requests. Music Contact International cannot accept seating requests from travelers. Your group’s seats will be allocated by the airline. These seats will be located within the economy section of the aircraft and there is no guarantee that spouses, family members, or friends will be seated together.

We are aware that certain airlines are now offering pre-assigned seating for individuals for an additional fee. However, Music Contact International cannot address such requests. Even seat assignments paid for in advance are not guaranteed by the airline; aircraft and seat configuration may change, and airlines may reallocate seating at their discretion.

To best accommodate your seating wishes, we suggest that you arrive at the airport early, check-in at least three hours prior to your flight, and speak directly with the agent at the check-in counter. You may need to change seats once airborne with members of your group to sit next to your family members.


Travelers with dietary restrictions or food allergies should let their group leader know as soon as possible. Most airlines can provide suitable alternative meals if the request is made with sufficient lead time. If you are a vegetarian, please indicate whether you would like a Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo Meal (may include dairy products), or Vegetarian Vegan Meal (no dairy products.)