One of the most enjoyable ways to learn about a new culture is through experiencing the local cuisine. However, we understand that for travelers with dietary restrictions or food allergies, this element of travel can be a challenge. At Music Contact International, we will do everything we can to help make your dining experiences as stress-free as possible.

Travelers with dietary restrictions or food allergies should let their group leader know as soon as possible so that the necessary information can be included on the group’s rooming and flight lists.

For meals arranged for the group, Music Contact International will advise restaurants of dietary restrictions of which we have been informed in advance of travel. In addition, we suggest that you inform your tour manager of your dietary restrictions upon arrival so they can be sure that you get the necessary modified meal each time.

Travelers with food allergies are advised to be diligent about talking to the restaurant staff at each establishment where they eat, either on their own or at organized group meals. Music Contact International will of course inform the restaurants in advance, and your tour manager will be on-site to request any needed modifications, but the final responsibility is with the traveler to make sure they are only served food they can safely eat.

All travelers should consider bringing along some snack foods that they can easily carry in their day packs. This will help to keep energy levels high and ensure that you will always have food on hand that you know you can safely consume.